Corporate & Commercial Lawyers in Summerside

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Business and Corporate Law

Business law is an all-encompassing area which includes corporate and commercial law, commercial real estate and leaseholds, and regulatory issues. The lawyers at McLellan, Brennan are available to help you set up a corporation or partnership, draft by-laws and set up the governing framework of your business or enterprise to allow it to run smoothly.

We are also available to represent clients in commercial disputes, and in this area, we are able to use our combined litigation, and corporate/commercial experience to provide real value for our clients.


Commercial real estate differs from residential real estate, whether it’s in buying, selling or leasing. There can be more freedom in what terms you can incorporate into a commercial leasehold, but in other ways there can be other restrictions such as zoning and environmental concerns.

The Summerside lawyers at McLellan, Brennan have extensive experience as commercial lawyers and real estate lawyers, and are ready to handle all the aspects of your commercial real estate needs whether you are buying or selling shares in a company, or buying or selling assets. It can make a considerable difference from a tax viewpoint whether you are dealing with shares or assets, so our PEI law firm recommends in such cases that the services of a professional accountant also be employed.