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Medical Malpractice

The PEI law firm McLellan, Brennan has always been one of the few firms in the province of Prince Edward Island that maintains a medical malpractice client base. We have acted for plaintiffs or families who have been harmed by the negligent provision of medical services by hospitals, nurses, and doctors within the province of Prince Edward Island. The option of contingency fee agreements, allocated in appropriate cases, allows for access to justice.

We are blessed on Prince Edward Island with an excellent health care system and excellent health care providers. However, none of us are perfect, and often times a patient suffers catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of a medical practitioner. Whenever this happens, the patient must consider pursuing a medical malpractice suit in order to provide for his or her care and loss. The lawyers at McLellan, Brennan are very experienced in the area of medical malpractice and are able to provide advice and fair settlements for their clients in this very specialized area. These cases must be appropriately investigated, researched, and vetted. Most cases are very difficult, lengthy undertakings. Usually only the most serious or catastrophic cases will move forward.

The lawyers at McLellan, Brennan are well versed in every step of the litigation process and are very knowledgeable about the nuances and intricacies of medical malpractice litigation. We will sit down with you, listen to your story, listen to what happened, listen to how you have been affected, and determine whether or not you have a case that is likely to move forward. It is important to emphasize that only a minority of medical malpractice claims can actually move forward beyond this initial step. However, this initial step is crucial to ensure that your rights are investigated and that you receive good legal advice on the strength of your case.

Some of the areas in which we have experience include:

  • Cerebral palsy cases
  • Birth trauma cases
  • Brain injury cases
  • Negligently performed surgeries
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Wrongful treatment

If you are, or anyone you know is, a victim of medical negligence, resulting in significant loss, it is vital that you call us at 1-902-436-9211. We can set up a meeting to discuss your case in order for you to receive a professional opinion regarding your loss. Keep in mind that our contingency fee agreements, allocated in appropriate cases, have allowed for access to justice.


McLellan, Brennan is one of only a few law firms on Prince Edward Island that practices medical malpractice. Furthermore, we also have appeared before or represented various health care professional bodies on disciplinary matters.

Our clients are primarily plaintiffs or injured people who have serious or catastrophic injuries.

Areas of focus include:

  • Claims from negligent medical treatment and care that results in serious or catastrophic injuries
  • Claims of breach of fiduciary duty between doctor and patient
  • Advice regarding legislative and regulatory changes that may affect health care practitioners
  • Coroner’s inquests and other types of inquiries
  • Proceedings before professional disciplinary bodies